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Mar 6, 2010 - Visiting Great-Grandmother and the Beasleys

Before the first Saturday Gymnastics meet, we take Ella to her great-grandmother's place in Watkinsville to visit.

"Someone's keeping an eye on her hands, right dad?"


"Let's turn you over..."

"Now honey, will she cry if I pinch her little bottom?"

"She didn't cry. Can I spank her?"
"No reason. I was just asking, honey."

Jill shows off Ella's 'standing.'

After a too-brief visit, we head to Erin and Brad Beasley's to meet their little one.

The last time we saw them was the day before she was scheduled to be induced (and also the day before Brad's beloved Saints played in their first Super Bowl.)

They call this little fella "cannonball."

He weighed in at 10lbs 6oz.

He looks 2.
It is so good to see mommy and baby both doing so well!