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March 1-2, 2010 - Jill and Ella brave more Atlanta snow

One fine Monday morning, after I fly to Des Moines, Jill and Ella spend some morning time in the sunroom.

Hey, like that spinny bear-thing, Ella?

"This thing? I love it."

"Hey, what's that, another toy?"

"I f-ing love this thing!"

The next day, in the snow, Jill heads over to her parents' to spend the night.

The neighborhood is turning white!

Whew. They arrived at [sigh] Lolly and Pop's.
(Sorry I didn't comment for a minute there. I let Jill concentrate on driving.)

GrandTetee enjoys feeding Ella a bottle.

Looks like Ella is enjoying it, too.

Wow, you can practically watch her grow in this picture.

If you're going to B&C's place, you have to dress up.

Look who loves her feet!

I flew home a day early and Jill braved the roads (which were fine since it was 34F outside) to join me.