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Feb 21, 2010 - Iberian excursion, day 10 - Coming Home

Passing time in El Prat, Barcelona's airport, Ella decides to check out her passport...

Yep, that wasn't planned, but she got a E.U. entry stamp in Paris.

Today, she got her exit stamp in Barcelona.

After a long, tough morning, Ella falls asleep on mommy as soon as we board.

She gets passed over to daddy and both fall asleep - still before departure.

So, Jill passes the time just after takeoff by checking out Spain's Mediterannean coast.

It's a bit early (and cold) for beachgoers.
Ella sleeps in the basinette again on the way home. With a strong headwind, the return flight takes 9.5 hours, but Ella was great for the vast majority of it.

Jetlagged, the girls pass out on the couch early Sunday evening.

Ella doesn't seem to care at all that she lost her pacifier.

Here's a bit of a recap of our driving route (minus the southerly jount to Toledo).
Another great trip. We'd love to go back to Barcelona and spend some leisurely time in the Spanish wine country.