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Feb 20, 2010 - Iberian excursion, day 9am - Barcelona

Saturday morning finds us walking back to the St Josep market under blue skies.

First stop: café.

Second stop: crêpes!

Mine is a spicy ham, goat cheese, and honey. So good!

We grab another fruit drink for the road, then take the subway to a concrete mountain for hiking.

It isn't really just for hiking, but the view is great.

We're at Parc GŁell.

Intended by Gaudi as a neigborhood for rich, art-lovers,

it is now a city park and general tourist area.

We pose at its famous fountain

by the mosaic iguana.

Under the patio is a labyrinth of trippy columns

with a very cool ceiling!

Ella ane Jill enjoy a moment in the surreal park.

So strange.

Up on the patio, mom reclines on the crazy benches with her granddaughter.

Gaudi's house - now a museum, though boring on the outside, has a bizarro interior.

His little bed, where he daydreamed of building a grand cathedral.

From the side, the patio benches show off their unique design.

Overhead, some sort of parakeets sing to the tourists below.

I take a moment to listen to the songs and look at Ella's striking eyes.

No idea - just a randon church-park on a mountain.
Anywhere but Barcelona, this would be surprising, but not here.

Even the walkways are drug-induced.

A quick look back at the main entrance

and one of its gatehouses, with an appropriate 70's Cooper outside,

then we bid adios to the park.

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