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Feb 19, 2010 - Iberian excursion, day 8pm - Barcelona

So we sit down at Bar Pinotxo for some tapas and a little cava (which fascinates Ella).

The booth consists of a shotgun kitchen and some booths, but we sit at a nearby table .

Good meal!

Gepetto gives us the thumbs-up, as if to confirm.

I'd never seen this before - an egg both, which had wares representing all sorts of avians, including ostriches and emus.

For a buck, you can get a small, but freshly-made fruit drink.

We had a couple over today and tomorrow.

We also tried the hot chocolate, which wasn't as good here as it was in Toledo.

Title 1: 'souvenirs you hope I didn't get...'
Title 2: Thank goodness Paul has never lots his luggage here...

Generally cool buildings.

Gran Teatre del Liceu

More street performers.

Why this guy thinks standing like a Jim Carray character from 15+ years ago will make you want to throw some coins his way is beyond me.

This fella i s painting his hairy legs white and is about to step into a toilet. I'm not sure why, but it shows some dedication and creativity - not the boring 'oh look, I'm a statue' crap you get in most other big cities these days.

Palau Güell, an apartment designed by Gaudi for his wealthy patron.

Plaça Reial, a residential area whose street lamps were designed by Gaudi.

We have to take a picture of a UPS truck in another country.
This one is still my favorite

Another Santa Eulalia. We HAVE to go in...

But how? We wander around, passing this pseudo Bridge of Sighs before we finally find the door.

Once inside, we're shocked. It is an indoor/outdoor church.

The chapel is huge and gothic - and they let you take pictures!

I love the gothic arched ceilings.

This is a great church.

Eulalia's tomb.
This church was a delightful surprise - but the hits keep on coming...

They have geese inside!

Then, they let you go on the roof - with a STROLLER!

This view of Barcelona is a rare treat!

Undeniably southern/Mediterannean Europe with the red tile rooves.
Oddly, this vantage point makes the metropolis look poor, which it doesn't at all from street-level.

Tomorrow's highlight: Sagrada Familia, Gaudi's incomplete masterpiece.

I know some people that would really dig this place.

The evening starts off at La Font Magica - Barcelona's answer to Vegas' Ballagio fountains.
Though the fountain isn't as impressive as Vegas', the massive art museum behind it...

...and the entire terraced premenade makes this an awe-inspiring spot.

"Thank you for using your hand."

Le pièce de résistance de ce soir, paella para tres!
(Yes, that was Frannish, but I don't know enough of either to make complete sentances, yet. Still learning.)

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