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Feb 18, 2010 - Iberian excursion, day 7am - Over the Pyrenees - Andorra, France, and Spain

We wake up to the sunny Andorran sky. Amazing.

The mountains are really quite striking when you can see them.

Andorra has one of the largest spas in the world.

We drive downtown to find a post office and a cafe.
Mom gets to demonstrate her 'un-paralleled' parking skills (pun intended).

As we head eastward and upward, we see the frost-line on the trees.

Andorra is dotted with little churches. This is the main one we were seeking out, but how to get to it...

Sure, mom, that's a road... Take it!

Mom will never trust my directions again, but we made it here...

Santa Eulalia!

There is another, very similar church in the distance.

And a third, very similar church, that I saw at the last second at 110km/hr.

Getting closer to the top - and the Andorra France border.

Awesome road. Check out all the switchbacks!

This is the tippy-top.
Natalie says we're way up on a mountain and there ain't nothing nearby.

...but boy, is it pretty!?

There are a bunch of skiiers up here - mosst from Spain.

Down off the mountain (on the French side), we stop on the outskirts of the largest town in the area (pop 127) and get a view back at the road less travelled.

Jill lets Ella feel the french neige.

We're not sure she likes it (or really knows what is going on)...

Our lunch stop - that would be Burton's Station (as in train station), not Burton's war. I always loved that the French spelled those two words the same.

By this time, Ella has had lunch, but she's content enough to let us enjoy ours.

She's fascinated with dad's beer.

Jambon et fromage.

Random castle ruin.

Here's where it gets fun for me, but the pictures become less frequent.
I get behind the wheel and get lessons on how to drive a stick from my mom and my wife (in the back seat).
I know that sounds like a nightmare to many of you, but I thought it was the best place to learn - the French countryside where my travelling companions had no chance to understand the rantings of the other drivers I upset.

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