Feb 12-13, 2010 - Iberian excursion, days 1-2

Ella's first international trip has an ominous start... the snow hits Atlanta as we start our drive to the airport.

Out on Highway 9, evidence of the storm is everywhere.

It really is is a pretty snow.

However, it snarls traffic through the city, turning our normally :50 airport commute to well over 2 hours.

The airport parking lots look like those of La Crosse, WI or other places I've been travelling, but not ATL.

After a cancellation to our ATL=>MAD flight and a delay to our creative re-route through CDG, we're finally aboard and enjoying ourselves up front.

Ella takes advantage of the comfort of the bassinet.

During our layover in Paris, Ella gets some free time in the lounge.

We get an amusing surprise by the AirFrance security measures. They make Ella wear a seatbelt that clips to Jill's belt.

Ella doesn't know what to make of it, but goes along with whatever mom asks of her...