Feb 1, 2010 - Fort Myers

Monday morning starts on the sunporch, as usual.

Dad enjoys having critters lounge all over him.

We go to Skip One again for more seafood.

Ella serves as a nice centerpiece.

Now that's a Sea Monster combo!

Ella wakes up as we finish eating, just in time for more pictures.

On the way home, we get upgraded for Ella's first first-class experience.

She looks so at home.

"I could get used to this, mommy!"

Yep, this is how we like to travel.

Ella's taking advantage of the additional space.
Hey, Ella, how wide is that seat?

"It's THIS wide, daddy!"

It was a big weekend - and Ella is sacked out, sprawled across her soon-to-be-outgrown bassinet.
It was a great trip, but we always enjoy visiting dad and Suzanne (and Ft. Myers).