Jan 30pm, 2010 - Fort Myers

After our walk with nature at the Slough, we head back so Ella can let loose on the sun porch.

The dogs are curious about this pint-sized person -

especially Bogey.

Ella loves the attention, even the licks to the face, which we were fairly quick to stop.

Ella is mainly enjoying being free of airplanes, car seats, strollers and peoples' arms.

She kicks and babbles for almost an hour it seems.

Suzanne gets down to play with Ella and the dogs.

Tough to say who's having more fun - Ella or Bogey.

"You done being on the floor, Ella?"

Good, because it is time for Ed and Mary to come over.

They adore Ella...

So does my dad...

A proud granddad holds a sleepy little songbird.