Jan 23, 2010 - an evening at the McGuire's

We arrive in the afternoon with Ella still napping. As soon as she shows signs of stirring, Amy is there.

Amy loves her little cousin (ne niece).

After hours of passing Ella around, she gets upset...

...very upset.

Turns out she just wants to play.

(but not on her tummy)

This is what she wanted...

Free time with everyone staring at her...


Seriously, everyone's staring...

Molly brings down her froggy chair to share it with Ella.

Molly thinks she needs to water Ella to make her grow.

Jill and I were having a great time and totally out-stayed our welcome.
I mean, we didn't out-stay Ella's welcome, I'm just sayin' we stayed a long time.
(and what a meal! we need that recipe!)