Jan 16, 2010 - Ava's 3rd Birthday

The afternoon starts with picture time, since Ella is all dolled-up.

She's used to the camera - and pretty much over it.

...but we can get a smile out every once in a while.

Then, on to Aunt Jackie's house.
What's a party withou favors?

Ava's loving all the attention and presents.

As typical, there is a lot going on.

Kids running around, babies being passed back and forth...

Enthusiastic onlookers watching the present openings.

And an enthralled Elijah, sacked out on the stairs.

Jill enjoys Hayden.

Hubbub everywhere.

Carey loves on Hayden.

Jackie gets some time with Ella, who pretty soon will be the smallest family member again.

Ava shows off her green, candy-coated tongue.

Bill and Nan are enjoying themselves.

I was told to take and post this to illustrate how much we look alike.
Eyes. That's it...

She's going to learn to like this...
For now, she enjoyes playing with my hair.

Bill wakes up to spend some time with Ella.

Whoever has Gavin is getting an earful...

Molly plays with balloons.

Jennifer and a still-wired Ava.

OK, I can't tell which this is. I'm going to guess its Hayden being compared to Hannah's baby picture.