Dec 28, 2009 - Gaga

After work one Monday, we check Ella in with her grandmother and head into town...
Dinner is at Ecco, where we discovered the wonder that is caña de oveja, a Spanish sheep cheese.

Then, on to the Fox

Such a great place, but I'm still not sold on it for a concert venue...

The first opening act was a tranny-punk band called 'Semi-Precious Weapon.'

If you pass a bar with no cover and they're playing, go in. I wouldn't pay much for the show, but the the front man(ish) is an absolute riot!

The band was good,

but the lead singer, in his sequined high-heal boots, was amazing.

Then Jason Derulo (of
'Whatcha Say' fame[ish]) came out and butchered some otherwise unremarkable music.

Then came the headliner...

Lady Gaga...

Song #2. Wardrobe #2.



She had a strange set - very 'club.' Very chic. It didn't really work for me.

She did her best to entertain, though.

Eat your heart out, Trent Reznor.

Eat your heart out, Frank-N-Furter.

Wardrobe change break...

It took her 2 minutes to put that on?!?

OK, now that I can see taking a while...

Or that,

which is what she wears for 'Bad Romance,'

which closes the show.

Then, it is back to mom's to pick up the tired little songbird.
I'm not sure who enjoyed the evening more, me/Jill at the show, grandmother, or Ella.
(It isn't a competition... we all win.)