Dec 27, 2009 - Christmas recap and meeting Aunt Liz and the Bunns

Morning in Ella's room.

So sweet.

A quick look around...

Ella's bookshelf is starting to fill out.

Before we put everything up, we had to take a couple of pictures of Ella in front of her Christmas bounty.

...and there it is...

Are you still taking pictures, daddy?

(We had to bribe her with a toy to sit still...)

Carey entertains Ella for a while before we make the drive to Newnan.

At a Cracker Barrel past the airport, we meet up with Liz, Sherry, Jeff, and the boys.

Ella meets her great-great aunt Liz

(or as she'd be known in the LeRoy family, G-GAL)

Sherry gets her turn...

(I think this was more a result of the flash than an aversion to Sherry, but I thouhgt it was a funny picture.)

Liz and Carey.

Jeff gets his hands on Ella.

(and just might want to take a bite...)

Uh - I don't think Ella likes her "gift."
I thought it was a bit silly, but everyone else found the gift funny.
I was only amused by Ella's reaction, but found solace in the fact that this little family spat would die with us, since Jill and I wouldn't perpetuate it.

However, right after this, Sara gave Mason and Ellis UGA sweatpants.

Aunt Liz is such a doll...

All the gals together - R-L (and relation to Bill Jones): Sherry (cousin), Grandmother Helen (mom), Aunt Liz (aunt), Jill, Ella, Sara (sister), and Carey.

One last parting shot before the ride back north...