Dec 25, 2009 - Christmas at Kelley and Elijah's

We have Christmas morning breakfast as a family, then head to the new Forsyth County greenway.

Introductions were as wild as to be expected with three new babies.

Nan and Jere sit quietly away from the meyhem.

Ashley holds Gavin.

It isn't long before Ella's passed around, too.

Jill gets Gavin...

...then dresses him up like Cousin Eddie.

Dramie always gets a pissy Ella,

but he's always good to console her.

Gavin close-up.

Supper is coming together.

Meanwhile, Jere and Nan keep Hayden out of the madness.

Hey, Adam, what's in that sippy-cup, anyway?

Kelley & Elijah's new place is nice - roomy enough to hold 8-10 people at one table, then everyone else at another, rediculously long one.

Oh no...

The real craziness begins...
(...and while this is sweet and thoughtful in one way, it is what is wrong with Christmas on so many levels.)

Jill and Amy get away from it all for a few minutes.

The twin's twins' nursey is awesome!


Uncle Bill, part deux.

I find it easier to pace back and forth between the rooms rather than intrude on Amy's Ella-time too much - or be in the DMZ that is the living room.

Hannah, Nana, and Hayden.

Miss Molly "backs that thang up."

Late in the evening ushers in play-time for the younger girls

and teepy-time for the very youngest.