Dec 24, 2009 - Christmas Eve at Mom's

Christmas at mom's starts with stockings...
(Well, it really starts with cards, then moves to stockings, then hopefully back to cards.)

The McMahon munchkin line-up.

Kelsey goes first, throwing back the blanket to reveal her overflowing stocking.

Quinn escapes the living room, but gets caught.

Sean's turn!

He needs a little encouragement again this year.

Megan tears into her stocking.

Kelsey helps Quinn with his.

He's more interested in the Golfdish than anything else.

Oh yeah, Baby Goldfish!

Ella's turn.
She's enthralled.

Did I hear a crinkly toy?

This may be one of my favorites, but Ella's not enthused.

Jill takes Ella to keep her awake as we do presents.

Sean gets a remote control car that flips when it hits a wall, then keeps going.
Charlie Griffiths loved it - but perhaps not as much as his dad and I did...

Mom and Quinn watch the proceedings.

Ella and Quinn are cool,

but Megan wants her daddy.

Quinn checks out his beary soft outer gear.

Brendan, the always dutiful husband and father, takes the kids home so Bridget can get in some more game-time.

A few games of Bananagrams and we call it a night...