Dec 22, 2009 - Pre-Christmas at Nan & Jere's

A few days before Christmas, we head to Nan and Jere's place.
Ella's a bit concerned when she wakes up in a strange house,

but she relaxes soon enough.

Ella loves her Nana.

How many Cofers does it take to change a diaper?

Amy calms Ella down after a long night.

Then, four generations of girls hang out in the dining room.

Unc-Bill shows Molly how to use the fiddle he and Carey just gave her.

We sit back and laugh at old times as Bill shows us slides from the late 1970s [converted from slides to JPG] on the tv.
(So much easier than a projector and screen.)

Carey gets some Ella-time.

Jere gets another turn.

Amy always enjoys holding Ella.

It kinda looks like Amy may have just asked Bill if he wants a 3rd, 'cause I don't think he can get farther away from them.

Conner is sacked out. Time to go.