Dec 19, 2009 - Williamsburg, Day 3

It is a bitter, cold, wet-snowy day and we start it at William & Mary.

Here's why we go - to take Ella to the Wren Building, which just happens to be the oldest college building in the US (1695).

After a great lunch at a local sandwich place in Market Square, we stay warm by ducking into every remotely interesting shop, incluing this candy store where we just had to get some fud ge.

Then, it is back to Colonial Williamsburg, which starts on the same street.

The cobbler

The magazine

Since it is so cold, we spend as much time inside as possible, slowly taking in the furnishings which we might otherwise breeze by.

Snowing again...

we go out to a dinner together at a recommended Italian place, Gioseppi's - totally worth checking out!
Ella didn't seem to care for it much,

but we all had a great time!