Dec 17am, 2009 - Williamsburg, Day 1

Every day has a new 'first' for Ella.
Today/last night is her first in a hotel.

She's all worn out and the day hasn't even started, yet.

Her first winter gear (true Canadian dinner jacket style).

The Hampton has a picturesque tree in the lobby.

Finally at Colonial Williamsburg, our first stop is the "Governer's Palace."

Inside, the entry hall is lined with swords, pistols, and rifles to show the crown's strength, but becomes an attractive target to sack during the revolution.

Terrible bedding!

Very cute rocking crib.

So thankful that lavatory equipment in America has evolved.

This is how Ella saw Williamsburg - all wrapped up on my chest to keep warm.

The Governer's coat of arms.

The kitchens of the Governer's Palace, which, like most kitchens, are separated from the rest of the house in case of fires.

One of my favorite little houses...

All the wreaths - the greenery, the fruit, etc - is all real. Awesome!

I call these zebra-chickens, but they are the Dominique variety.

Ella's still bundled up...

The Wythe House.