Dec 16, 2009 - Ella's first flight

I'm so excited about this...
Ella turned 11 weeks old the Monday before this flight (on Wednesday).

It is a new experience for me & Jill to use the family lanes at Hartsfield, but we can get used to it.

Her first train ride (if you count it, which I really don't).

Jill's as proud as I am.

There are the girls.

The escalator was broken, so we have to take the detour through the lower hallways.

Up on Concourse C, I take Ella to the Sky Club (fka Crown Room) to meet her grandmama.

Ella didn't love her first visit to the lounge at first, but after I had a few glasses of wine, she seemed to get better with it.

Lolly consoles her in the lounge.

I do (or try) on the plane.

I'm not particularly successful at this point.

Grandmama has more luck.

Or not.
(I checked the timestamps... this was 14 seconds after the previous picture.)

Jill gets her calm...
Overall, it wasn't the best flight, but we learned a lot.
We did a much, much better job of baby management on the return flight.