Dec 12, 2009 - White Elephant shindig with the old roomates

This year, we decided to have a few folks over for a white elephant dinner party.

Abs hold little Ella.

Thermos runs around, enjoying some well-earned attention.
She's a great dog aroudn people - especially for a Boston.

Niki explains why she polished off the proscuitto.

Kevin consoles Ella.
Man, he is good with the females!

OK, who looks more distrurbed, Rich or Ella? (Hey reverend, wacha doin' with that bottle?)

Larry and his date, Casey.

Let the ritual of the white elephant begin!

Rich scores early with an ape ski mask.
Imagine that coming down the slope at you!

We think Evan loses with the Snuggie "Wild Side," but this is actually stolen later.

Exactly what Andy needs... more barware.

By this point in the evening, Andy usually starts de-pelting things, so I'll take whatever whittling or whatever he's doing.
Meanwhile, Larry's previosuly-hot date decides she wants to turn him off.
(I think it worked.)

OK, maybe instead of a boring night, they get their freak on instead. Who knew?

Towards the end of the evening, we try out Niki's game of Qwelf, which soon has her wearing tin foil and wrapping paper, me commontating on Jason's every move, him grumbling things about the Dark Side when it is my turn, Rich making up words (by explicit direction - not just because), and others doing random other things.
Bizarro game...

A nice pose of the gang.

Clearly, as you can see from my gift, I won the white elephant party.
Thanks, Kevin!