Dec 11, 2009 - Ella's 2-month doctor visit

Ella goes in for her 2-month visit.

She's 24.5" long and 11lb 13oz.

Ella looks healthy.

The doctor is impressed with how she pushes up...

Ella waits for her shots.

OK, this is a warmer way to wait...

Here is the battery - two needles and a syringe.

First the oral meds...

Ella doesn't like it, but she's OK after a few seconds.

Now she's scared... She doesn't know what's about to happen, but she doesn't like it.
My heart sinks a bit to see her eyes like this...

Shot #1

Shot #2

Ella is totally inconsolable for about 90 seconds, then she's OK.
Thankfully, she feels OK the rest of the day and the next day - and has her second round of vaccines.