Dec 8-10, 2009 - La Crosse, WI

Going up to Wisconsin to visit Kwik Trip (a 400-store chain based in La Crosse).

It was cold enough in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, where I connected, to warrant de-icing, but MSP is prepared!

So many trucks!

I've been de-iced before several times, but I choose to not get bored with it (so I don't get annoyed).

The flight goes over frozen midwest farms.

Then as we descend, we go over the mighty Mississippi

and a surreal, frozen golf course.

Lake Onalaska.

Landed on the frozen runways of La Crosse Municipal Airport.

While I'm at work, the blizzard starts.
Four to five inches fall by the time I get back to the hotel from dinner (which is the restaurant across the parking lot).

The next morning, with help from the hotel staff, I free my car from this parking spot.
(The car in front of mine was cleared and warming up for about a half an hour.)

The drive in.

I'm concentrating more on the road than the snow plow.

Almost to the office...

After work, more general shots. This is the parking lot of the restaurant by the hotel.

It is 7:25am on Thursday morning and I'm about to head back to work.

The roads look much bitter better today.

Parking on the street in front of the office.

Heading back to the airport.

Yep, that's pretty much is the whole airport. It's so small...

How small is it?

It doesn't have premises. Apparently, it just has one.
Either that or they think it is just logical that you shouldn't bring food... really anywhere, I guess.