Dec 4, 2009 - First, yard work, then Infinite Energy Tennis

Friday morning started early with ~22 cubic feet of pine nuggets getting dropped off on our driveway.
(This is only about 3/4 of it.)

Jill helped me load the wheelbarrow and keep the pile together as I carried it down

and spread it.
The bark was wet, so it was pretty close to real work.


But so much more to go...

Meanwhile, Ella is enjoying her new swing - and hand-me-down from the McMahons.

After about 5-6 hours, we finished the whole pile

and the whole back yard (minus a spot I'm saving for a patio).

Ella was still out.

We got cleaned up and met B&C at Ted's, then onto the tennis match.

Ella's ready to spectate!

Before the matches begin, some kids have an exhibition.

They're really good! Much better than me!

Lolly consoles Ella.

America's sweetheart (for tennis, at least), the Marietta native Melanie Oudin.

She gets two games behind her opponent (GT's #1 player), then rips of 8 straight games to complete the pro set.

She still has time for some autographs.

Afterwards is John Isner (former #1 player on the championship UGA team) taking on Sam Querry.

John is 6' 9", amazing for a tennis player.

Here is John and a modest 6' 3" Sam taking on America's top doubles team, the Brian brothers.

John and Sam had some good shots, but the Brian brothers are used to doubles (and to each other) and absoltely destroy John and Sam. It was fun to watch, though.