Nov 27, 2009 - Ella and Carmala play

Ella wakes up the day after Thanksgiving in a good mood and ready for a close-up.

A very close up.

We meet mom, the Ayers, the Van Fossens, and Helen (from Belgium) at Swallow at the Hollow in Roswell for some good ole BBQ.

Chopped pork, fried green tomatoes, mac and cheese (the empty bowl), and a tall buscuit with honey, washed down with sweet tea.
Helen it don't get no more southern than this.

Ella's socked out,

but Carmala's up.

Back at our house, Ella is simply amazed by how Carmala can play with Mortimer.

Carmala's looking for something else to play with while Ella is still rivited by the moose.

Seriously, you still playing with that thing?

OK, how's it taste?

I can't see the moose! What's happening with the moose?