Nov 26, 2009 - Thanksgiving two ways

After a great, hearty Thanksgiving lunch at mom's, we head over to Jimmy and Donna's for the Cofer family Thanksgiving.
The fashionista, Ashley Nall, holds Ava Pearce (who, like Carmala, likes being one of the older kids for a change).

Ashley looks on as 'Uncle Dramie' gets his hands on Ella, who gets passed around here at a higher pace even than at mom's place.

So sweet.

Amy holds her little cousin, who's finally awake.

...but Stacey has the touch and knocks Ella back out.

Jackie steals Ella for a spell on the couch

as the general chaos of merriment and meyhem continues throughout the house.

Like me, Jennifer takes a moment to sit back and watch the madness from a distance.

Great-grandmother Nan gets her hands on Ella

that is, until Jere sees Ella is being held by someone she can out-wrestle.

Ah, Bill's turn!
He delayed going through the dinner line for 15 minutes or more to enjoy Ella a little while longer. That is no small sacrifice, as it could have meant he missed out on devilled eggs (which he gets so rarely), sweet potato souffle, or any of the other dishes on which there may have been an unexpected run.

Speaking of which, here is good story, that of the 'Pac-Man Pie'...
You see, Tommy Nall bought a coconnut pie the night before Thanksgiving. Well, it was just sitting there in his fridge ready to go to Thanksgiving the next day.
So, Tommy thinks to himself, 'Tommy, what a shame it would be not to have a bite of this coconut pie we just purchased whilst it is still so dadd-gumm fresh.'
Now, I really don't know if that is the way Tommy's internal voice talks, but I do know that Tommy didn't just stop at a bite. That would have been inappropriate... If you're going to eat some of something, you may as well leave it in a defensible shape so you could say that was the plan all along, if questioned.
Ergo, the Pac-Man Pie.

After dinner, Ella continues to be passed around. Hannah gets her turn, as do many others, but I was in wine mode and less interested in the picture taking.
It was a great, great day.
Thanks mom for having us over and cooking everything.
Thanks Jimmy and Donna for having us and everyone who cooked such wonderful dishes for Thanksgiving dinner.