Nov 21pm, 2009 - Ella's first gameday

Finally in Athens, we meet up with some friends and watch the Dawg Walk.

Ella is fine with the noise and the band and such. She's even fine with the cold weather.

Here's the crew (clockwise from 9'):
Scott Miller's friend, Jill, Ginger (back a bit), Scott Miller, mom, and Ella.

The late kickoff and the non-daylight saving's time mean it is dark for the Dawg Walk.

Ah - I finally find night mode...

Sadly, this is the game after Uga VII unexpectedly died.

We enter through the bottom deck to pay our respects at his Sanford Stadium mausoleum.

Then, it is up to our seats, seven weeks to the day after Jill went into labor (at the LSU game).
Thanks in part to the bye weekend, we only missed two home games (Tennessee Tech and Auburn).

There is a creepy Christmas wreath on Uga's silent house.

A pregame moment of silence for the revered canine.

Pregame continues - and Ella is still fine with the noise.

This was my view for the first quarter - Ella staying warm in her Baby Bjorn carrier.

Ella didn't like the stadium p.a., so we moved to an emptier corner of the stadium where we enjoyed some space and a quieter atmophere.

We won't focus on the game much here, but we enjoyed the night!

She even stayed for the post-game concert.
Yep, we had a rediculously long day, gone from 9am-2am and went through every single diaper we brought with us, but it was worth it.
Ella had as full a first game-day as we could provide on a late-night game where we didn't really tailgate. She'll get in plenty of tailgates next year!