Nov 21am, 2009 - At Nan & Jere's, Steph's shower, and the road to Athens

While Jill went to Steph's baby shower, I invited myself over to Nan & Jere's. They hadn't seen Ella in a while, so it wasn't a hard sell.
Nan held Ella for about 35 seconds until Jere got a hold of her.

Jere got to feed Ella a bottle.

A curious Molly helped hold the bottle.

Conner holds his new cousin for the first time.
(Molly's more interested in her princess dolls.)

That's a great smile!
I think Ella likes her big cousin, too.
It was a brief visit, but a good one - then on to get Jill out of jail.

The passing-around continues as Steph's mom gets her hands on Ella,

Then Erin [Martin] Beasley does.

Meanwhile, I get to hold the miracle Claire, whose lochs put Ella's to shame!

A proud momma Becky (Jeff Malmquist's wife and Steph's sister-in-law) shows off her Claire.

On the way to Athens, I catch a familiar face out of the corner of my eye on the Epps connector. I call up Aunt Sara and see the lady in the white Accord next to me pick up the phone. Oh - my gosh!
So, we pull off at the shady hotel [where Jill and I crashed Homecoming weekend with Kevin a few years back (another story)] and visited for 10 minutes or so before continuing along our merry way.
Ella is tired from a long drive of sleeping, so she passes out in GAS's arms (GAS = Great Aunt Sara).