Nov 18-20, 2009 - a couple of days in the life of Ella

Time for tummy time.

"This is cool. I think I'll do a push-up."

"I'm done, mommy!"

The next day, Jill and Ella hit the new Forsyth greenway.

Cool boardwalk!

Ella sleeps through most of the great outdoors in her Carmala hand-me-down (which may have come from Laura, Elliot, or even Kelsey).

She wakes up in time to enjoy some of the walk

and the Georgia scenery.

But she's exhausted when she gets home.

The next day, Cate (f.k.a. Cathy) stops by 'on her way' back home.

I love the froggy outfit so much, I have to have a picture, too!