Nov 14, 2009 - Kelley gets to hold Gavin

I left my camera at home. (I think I have daddy-brain, less common but very bit as stupifying as Jill's mommy-brain).
Luckily Kelley gave me some pictures that Elijah had taken earlier that morning.
This is her holding little Gavin for the first time.
(They still wanted to wait a while before she got to hold Hayden.)

Due to his old-man's oxygen tube (hey, I called it that when Ella wore it, so fair's fair), they put his gravage in his mouth.

He IS a CUTE little guy!

So sweet. He knows his mommy.

The happy family.
Sorry about the blur, but they didn't use flash bulbs around the newbies.
(I wasn't so courteous to Ella. She has permanent stars in the middle of her vision by now.)