Nov 11, 2009 - Ella meets Ashley and Tommy; we meet Hayden and Gavin

We finally go in to visit the twins. We meet Gavin first.

He was born 5 lbs 15 oz and 19 1/2 long.

He looks healthy, but they're monitoring his breathing. They want his resting rate to average under 70 breaths per minute.
By now, Jill and I are way to familiar with this monitor.

Next, we meet Hayden, shorter, heavier, but inexplicably with a smaller chest size than his little brother.

The nurses stop by for a blood sample.

Hayden's wee foot.

Hayden is just hanging out, enjoying his new life outside.

Gavin again, paci-in-mouth.

Unfortunately, our visit was rushed. It was sandwiched between a client meeting and a conference call. I had to run before getting to see Kelley, but Jill got to see her - and by all accounts, she's doing great.
We're sorry that we couldn't stay longer, but we'll see them again in the next few days.

A huge congratulations Kelley and Elijah and the whole Kirkely and Cannady clans!
We're so happy for you - and relieved that everyone is doing so well!