Nov 8, 2009 - quilt, Nealons, and hiking

Ella has seen her quilt from a distance, but hadn't really gotten to enjoy it.

Well, that changed on Sunday morning.

I think she really likes it.
This is her Jim Morrison pose.

So special.

Tummy time!

Uh oh. Getting hungry...
"Now where is that thumb again?"

Cute feet!

Then Steph and Joe visit.
Steph's very pregnant herself, though you'd never know it.

She's getting her practice.
Somehow, I didn't get a picture of Joe. I really thought I did.
(Sorry Joe!!! Honest mistake. I'll take two next time.)

Then, we drove up to one of Forsyth's county parks - Sawnee Mountain Preserve.
The amazing-looking welcome center is closed on Sundays,

but the trails are open.

Ella and I enjoy some weekend time together, since we don't get much during the week.

The trees are pretty. I bet they were gorgeous the two weekends before.

Jill's looking great as we hike up a path so steep it has switchbacks.
No joke.

Looking down on Cumming.

Driving home, we pass a really cool house, complete with a matchcing garage out back and...

a barn!