Nov 7, 2009 - Watching the UGA-TTU game at home

We woke up and went downstairs, giving Jill another hour or so to doze since she was up more last night.
I can't do that without trying to find a picture to take...
So, I put on her puppy dog onzie (complete with 'puppy feet,' which reminded Jill of playing cards with Uncle Wayne).
I through in a stuffed squirrel.

"Layin' down 'cause my dogs are tired."

Ella is a bit bored during the blowout/mis-match that was the Tennessee Tech game. She takes a nap on Bill, who also dozes - and finds her thumb!

Later, during the game (which I watch), Ella gets some near-naked time to cool off from all the cheering she's done.

"Dad's watching football. Is anyone watching me?"