Nov 6, 2009 - The Radiant Superball Drop

A Radiant tradition, we gather in the east stairwell (with the roof walkup) for the Superball Drop.
This year, we drop about 4,500 superballs.
Just to the left of center is the first test ball.

Then, they start flying.

Some people shield themselves.

Some people just have fun with it.

It gets a bit sketchy as the rubber balls collect on the landings

and really start bouncing down the stairs.

But we stick to the walls (and start gathering the balls to throw).

Danny Arana (left) and his team of electronic payment developers lead this little endeavour.

Toward the end, thousands of superballs collect at the bottom landing.

That's a dangerous spot to be in (and walk around), but fun.

There are so many, you can skate on them.