October 20c, 2009 - Thomas Moore sculptures

We went to the Botanical Gardens for the flowers, knowing it was 'Moore in America,' a display of what passes for art by Henry Moore
(If you're a LeRoy, be sure to check the last picture.)

#27 - just blobs of crap

#26 - a single blob of crap

#25 - less interesting than an abstract, reclining woman

#24 - blobs of crap

#23 - typical Moore sculpture of a relaxed mom and baby

#22 - just big ugly

#21 - reclining lady-ish

#20 - is it a pod or a womb? who cares?

#19 - Moore's Hawaiian-inspired crap(?)

#18 - inspired by an elephant skull that this creepy guy kept, interesting, but still not pretty, inspiring, or worth looking at for more than a few seconds

#17 - bone in a cool setting

#16 - combining blob of crap and reclining female

#15 because of the magnitude

#14 - hey, a unique position for him

#13 - bust of abstract lady/baby in the tropical room

#12 - the rain marks on the copper, visible up close, made it

#11a - abstract reclining woman

#11b - close-up on her face

#10 - the sign, which they really needed to put on the bronze lions at Trafalgar Square in London.

Oh - nothing other than the sign deserved to be top 10.
They're all just crap.