October 20b, 2009 - Scarecrows at the Botanical Gardens

We went to the Botanical Gardens, forgetting that it was 'Scarecrows in the Garden' time.
Below are my rankings of the top scarecrows.

#16 - Cute, but makes little sense

#15 - neat to me because of the baby/carrier, but also a bit lame

#14 - not scary to me, but good scarecrow - humaoid and colorful

#13 - Urban Scarecrow: I like the unique take on it and execution, but not a great scarecrow

#12 - Scarlet O'Scara: not scary, but at least humanoid

#11 - good, but I just don't like the Beatles

#10 - Where the Wild Things Are: I like the creativity and timeliness

#9 - tried hard, but I'm going to say too hard with the cheesy rhyme

#8 - Ecrownomic Downturn: would have been #2, but deducted 5 points for having a crow on it

#7 - predictable, but I like the numbers and the yellow bricks

#6 - because I just like it

#5 - well done, but loses points for not standing or being human

#4 - because it reminded me of a creepy Vietnam vet horror flick called "House"

#3 for height and scope

#2 for creativity ...and my favorite...

#1 - The creepy Chuckie-like jack-o-baby.