October 20a, 2009 - First outing: Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Since everyone in my group at work was in LAS for a tradeshow (and I had a wildly productive Monday), I played hookey Tuesday afternoon, went home to see my girls, and took them to the Botanical Gardens.
The new entrance (and deck) is open. Very cool.

The pond in front of the Fuqua Conservatory is open again and loaded with tadpoles.

Check out the size of these lilly pads.

I love reflections.

Ahh, the warmth of the Fuqua orchid room.

Ella is absolutely enthralled!

She's very excited about the tropical conservatory as well.

Judging by her Mona Lisa-subtle facial expressions, I think orchids just may be her favorite.

Ella enjoys looking at one of the sculptures by Henry Moore.
She may be facing away from it, but I bet she is able to appreciate it just as much from this angle.

We're back in the entryway, heading out to meet mom, who's enjoying the cool autumn air.

Atlanta through a Moore sculpture inspired by the elephant skull that creepy guy kept in his studio.

Venus flytraps from the Georgia bog section.

A look at the Conservatory from across the duck pond.

Mom enjoys it.
Ella is still out.

Impatien on steroids?

One last shot and we head into the new entry/welcome center to nurse before heading home.
It was a good afternoon!