October 17, 2009 - Friends and grandparents visit

On her 8th day home, we had some friends over.
Katherine, Rich's wife, holds Ella first.

Rich is next.
They just finished up filming
Curb Appeal at their house in Brookhaven.

GrandCarey and GrandBill come over to spend some time with their granddaughter.
I'm embarassed to say, but this is the first picture I have of Carey holding Ella, though she held her on several occassions at the hospital.

Brooke, Kevin's girlfriend, gets her turn,

as does Kevin.

Oh - does Kevin get a turn. He gets to soothe a fussy little songbird.

A little later in the day, the Farbotkos come over.
While Niki holds Ella with Audry and Andy...

I get to hold Bridget.

So does Jill.
Bridget is precious - and quite a bit bigger than Ella.
It's amazing what six months will do...