October 11, 2009 - Ella meets the family

First, Bridget and Brendan sent beautiful arrangement of healthy finger foods, which we enjoyed for days!

Then, bring on the family!

Mom holds Megan and Quinn.

Aunt Jackie enjoys Ella.
Jimmy keeps his distance, perhaps in denial that he has two more coming his way next month...

Great Grandma Jones meets her firstborn grandchild's firstborn as Steph [Malmquist] Nealon, Jill, and Aunt Sara look on.

Jill and a 6-month pregnant Steph (not that anyone can tell).

Aunt Sara, who visited in the hospital, gets her turn.

So does Hannah Nall, who was among the first to visit and hold Ella.

Eighteen people came over, which made for a festive first Sunday home. However, I didn't get a picture of many people holding Ella.
Bridget, Brendan, Kelsey, Sean, Megan, and Quinn visited...
So did Donna, Jennifer, and Hannah Nall,
Sara and Great-Grandmother,
Jackie and Jimmy,
Kelley and Elijah,
and the local grandparents, Mom, Bill and Carey.
Thank you for everyone who came. You made her first weekend home special.
For all who were unable to visit, Ella can't wait to meet you!