October 9, 2009 - Ella comes home

We wake up with Ella at the hospital, her having eaten well all night.
When the doctor came in, she basically had a look on her face that said, 'why is this baby still here.'
She said after a physical examination and one last appointment with the lactation consultant, we could go.

So, we put on her 'going home' outfit.

And nurse Tatiana (whom we loved) wheeled Jill out.

The new family gets ready to head home.

Largely due to Tatiana.

Dad readies the car seat...

...and fastens Ella into it.


Ella's not sure about this, but it looks like she trusts us.

Mom's so happy to finally be heading home together.

After a :40 drive, during which Ella stayed awake the whole time, we get home!

Wardrobe change, then a first nursing at the House of Mulcay.

Grandmama comes over and supplies our first family meal - CFA (including milkshakes).

A couple of gifts were on our doorstep when we arrived home...
First, a pumpkin hat and Halloween socks from Jay and Melissa.

Then a box for Oak Ridge, NJ.
Grandmama and I know what this is, but Jill has no idea.

Aunt Martha made Ella her traditional baby gift - a custom-designed, home-made quilt.

Here it is... beautiful!

After lunch, mom takes a well-deserved and long-overdue nap. Grandmama tries not to do the same.

That makes two of us!
(three, if you count cuddin' Paul, who recently had a theoretical lab accident [and it is undecided if it was a theoretical lab or if it was theoretically a lab accident] and wears his identical shirt proudly)

Grandmama, who spent much of the previous night with us at the hopsital, supporting us and arguring with the nursing staff, goes home to start catching up on some sleep.
The other in-town grandparents come over for dinner and to spend the night.
The first dinner table is set, wine courtesy of Evan & Kyle, Jill's wine glass courtesy of Amy McGuire.

The meal - steaks from Leonard's.
The toast - to finally all being home!

B&C treat me to a nice surprise after dinner. I'd basically forgotten it was my birthday. I received well-wishes throught the day, but it never really seemed like my birthday as my attention was focused elsewhere.

That night, Ella's first bath, which she does not like.

It's just me taking pictures, Teetie/Lolly.
Nice "Sprockets" pose, though.

So many hands for such a little body.

She still doesn't like it.

All done.

What a cute little duckling.

Then, a wardrobe change, and we're off to bed (which went very, very well).

So good to be home. Best birthday present ever!