October 6, 2009 - Visiting Ella

Chris Edge and Sara joins us for Tuesday's noon feeding.
Ella's awake for Chris.

She's awake for Great Aunt Sara, too.

Ella enjoys playing with her IV...

Amy knocks Ella right out at the 3pm feeding.
(This could come in handy in future months.)

Pop gets some Ella-time at 6pm, since he hadn't gotten any yet, today.

Elijah gets some practice, though his twins may be a bit smaller.
(I say 'may' because they come from good stock and are tracking large for twins.)

Kelley tears up when she sees her baby-holdoing hubby.

Kelley gets her turn after Jill attempts nursing.

Evan and Kyle come for the 9pm show.
Kyle is good at this, but is a bit nervous.

By request: a picture of the back side of Ella's hairy noggin.

Ella looks attentively at mom.

Evan gets his turn. He's had lots of practice in his crazy family.
It is while Evan and Kyle are here that we hear that Ella won't be going home on Wednesday, when Jill is discharged.