October 5, 2009 - Labor and Delivery

As I said, we got to Northside right at midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning...

It is now 1:31AM on Monday, Oct 5.
The awesome nurse finally gets the reaction from Jill she wants - so much pressure that Jill wants to slap her.

Carey grabs one leg and I coach from another.

The midwife sits on the bed, clearly enjoying the best seat in the house.
Jill is inspired by the progress she can see in the mirror.

We watch the charts to see Jill's contractions come on, then pass.

We do whatever we can to help her fight through it - and fight she does, pushing hard in groups of three every couple of minutes, each will all the strength in her body.

It's 2:44AM and Carey must be exhausted, but she's happy to be here and helping.

Hey doc, what are we paying you for?

On the second of three pushes at 3:20AM, the head pops out...

...and the midwife does the cleaning.

There she is!

The nurses take baby right to momma.

Jill is so happy

and relieved

to be holding her baby

she just has to kiss her.

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