October 5-9, 2009

In all the hubbub, we forgot we took some pictures on our phones (like when we left our camera in the room), which remained forgotten for months. So, without further adieu, I give you...
the lost Hospital pics

Oct 5:

Jill holds Ella on the day she was born.

Oct 6:

Finally - a picture of Carey at the hospital!

A screaming Ella gets checked out by one of the 2nd-floor SCN nurses.

Amy visits!

A sleeping little Ella, still on oxygen.

Oct 7:

Ella starts to play, unphased by the feeding tube.

She is phased by getting a new IV!

We have a tired little girl!
I think I'm holding the feeding tube as she's handed to Jill.

Oct 8:

The hat's right there... so close...

A rare bit of tranquility up on the 7th floor.

Conked out!

The dreaded 7th-floor weigh-in. My skin crawls to think about it.

Oct 9:

It is daddy's birthday and we're all wondering if we're finally going home...

Jill is thrilled to have a first nursing session in her own house!