September 13, 2009 - Megan and Quinn's 1st Birthday

Why's everyone looking at us?
Not sure.

Maybe if we look away from them, they'll go away.
Good idea.

Hey Quinn, they're not going away...

Keep looking away. Good move with the hand in the mouth, sis!

A new toy!

Normally, I don't get to play like this.

See? I can be care-free, too. I got some cake on my left ring finger...


OK. I'm done.

Speak for yourself.

Grandma, I said I was done. WTF did you put it on my face for?



Seriously, I'm done here.

What exactly do you have in mind, Kelsey?

(Megan's damage.)

Why are there so many bags and boxes on the floor - and why are they all bigger than me?

Screw the gifts. Look - what appears to be a calculator and a pen!

Ooo, bag!
Ooo, box top!

Gimpy-Sue plays one of Kelsey's electronic games.

Megan plays with Quinn's new shopping cart.

There she goes!