August 21-23, 2009 - Barnesley Gardens

We had a sales trip to Barnesley Gardens - and I got to bring Jill.

This was the front of our house...

This was the back, from which we entered.

The tub made us think of Carey.

Cute robes.

What a wardrobe!

The bedroom.

We had a rather spacious sitting room...

(same room - other direction.)

...and a cool front porch.

All accomodations are in period-styled duplexes.

Not our house, but our favorite.

A 27-week pregnant-Jill and I took a stroll around the complex...
Behind her is the Rice House, where we'd have dinner that night (twice).

The road to the old ruins.

The ruins of the original plantation mansion with its reconstructed Victorian gardens.

It is a cool mansion, but the creepy groundskeeper (looks like Elvis Presley's agent) gave me the willies...

It was a great trip!