August 16, 2009 - Jill's shower

Jere, Amy, and Steph threw Jill a baby shower at Chateau Elan.

Jill hadn't been there before (and I still haven't) and was very impressed with how beautiful it is.

Grandmother- and mother-to-be.

Great-grandmother (already, six times over) and mother-to-be.

Hostess, Amy McGuire.

Hostess, Steph Nealon.

(I don't really have much to say on some pictures, since I wasn't there. Sorry!)

Ahh... present time...

(Georgia pacifiers.)

I love this one...

And Aunt Caroline made this... UGA on one side...

and a map of the world on the other. Awesome!

She also made a UGA boppy.

One of several gifts from Aunt Jackie.
(Sorry, but I only know where a few came from.)

Someone gave the grandmothers gifts as well.

Jill had a bunch of favorites. This is one.

A set of all sorts of necessities, one gift from Cathy/Kate Zier. (Sorry, I missed your wedding, so I missed your name change, too).

Cool wrapping!

Ah, the famously dubbed Bindi [Irwin] outfit.

I'm sure this is really sweet in person, but this picture kinda makes it look like what you wore to bathe in a steel tub in the 1800s.

Oh - this blankie is soft!

Amy gave Jill a book of littler learning books.
Hopefully she'll share with the kid.

Lots going on here. I think this is from Chris Edge, but don't quote me on it.

OK, it wasn't originally supposed to be a giraffe themed room, but I love this, too!

The amazing, nearly instantly-disappearing stroller, courtesy of the grandparent Jones.

More giraffe. (I love all the stuff with animals!)

I'm not sure what I'm looking at here.
(Playing the guy card. I have a pass.)

"Little Miss M's" tailgate bag (from Amy?).

Oh yeah - must be from Amy.

Jere provides her first suitcase (carry-on size, of course!).

Carey and her tennis team.

The whole gang...

To anyone whose gift I mis-credited or insulted, I sincerely apologize. This site is rarely intended to be serious.

To all that organized, contributed to, attended, or sent well wishes for Jill's shower, I extend my deepest thanks. Jill really appreciated all of the effort that went into it, especially those of Jere, Amy, and Steph. I enjoyed the recaps and walkthrough of the trove.

P.S. - While I do regret not attending, I am thankful of the hours I got to spend alone cranking out countless countries and several animals for the baby room mural, which to this day I would not have been able to get. As of writing this (exactly 30 days later - and in Greenfield, Indiana), I have been able to spend all of 2 hours on the murals.