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July 16, 2009 - Chris Isaak at Chastain

My friend couldn't use his Chastain tickets, so gave them to me last-minute.
We'll go see just about anyone there, but weren't terribly excited about seeing Chris Isaak, specifically, since we thought we only knew one song.

However, he put on a great show.
We felt this way before he walked out into the crowd - right towards us.

Apparently, he found something he liked in a table's bottle of Jack.

Chris making friends...

The dude was right in front of us!
This is my phone's camera, which is not zoomed in any way.

Back on stage, he continues to put on a good show!
Rock, pop, blues, country, soul, jazz - a little of everything.
We probably only knew 3-4 of his original songs - and maybe 1-2 covers, but he was just a great performer.

So far, he was the surprise of the Chastain season!
If you get a chance to see him, do. We will!