June 16, 2009 - Vancouver

Our last day in Vancouver (and of our Alaska trip) starts with a walking tour of the huge Stanley Park.

A turtle riles up a great blue heron (which was much further north than I thought they went).

Pretty little fellow.

There goes another.

This heron was perched atop the nesting site of a little bird that kept harassing the heron, which only pecked at it.
The heron never moved while we were there, so the little bird didn't get back to its nest (and chicks, presumably).

Drunk goose.

You takin' pictures of me, punk?!?

An comorant checks out the copper snorkler.

Right behind that, a shurb-encircled Chinese dragon guards the Lion's Gate Bridge, under which we passed on our way into Vancouver harbor.

Stanley Park has its own lighthouse

and collection of totem poles

- not to mention its view of Canada Place (the cruise and ferry terminal) and the skyline.

This gaggle of Canada geese clearly own the place.

Loon in summer clothing?

Ah - the flowers...

Devil squirrel!
So odd - I saw these in Calgaries all the time, but never got a good picture, so I didn't speak of them much.
They are so ODD!

We were shocked, but this turned out to be the highlight of Vancouver!

Photo op...

Like every attraction in Vancouver, the obligatory totem poles.

This is what it is all about - a hippie's amusement park built around a clearly deep gorge.

Without hurting the trees, they built walkways and stands high up in the hemlocks, douglas firs, and spruce.

Oh - they also have a bridge.

Among the longest and highest pedestrian suspension bridges, Capilano is awesome!

And what a view!

We take the canopy tour.
Jill and Bill walk on suspension spans between platforms.

Carey and mom are absolutely dwarfed by the some of the largest trees in the world.

Oh - that walkway is up there!

Heading back to the south side of Vancouver.
Another great day with fantastic weather.
Vancouver was great - especially Capilano!
If you go to Vancouver, you can't miss this!