June 15, 2009 - Vancouver

The day starts with a walk from the hotel to Granville Island (just a couple of miles away).

The trees are finally blooming here.

Granville Island is surrounded by the Vancouver Harbor.
Snazzy bridge.

Granville Market has so many boutiques,


fish markets,


(Jill had just gotten an email saying our little girl is the size of a papaya.)

Time to take a water taxi!

It's quaint in here.

Interesting speed limit sign...

dude on a barrel
(the father of "Gastown," Vancouver's historic district)

We've probably walked close to five miles at this point and are a little surprised to see we've walked back near our ship, docked in the harbor, and loading up food and passengers for the next trip.

The old, famous, steam clock.

After lunch - maple ice cream!

Lots of maple-y flavors. We had ours with a maple-caramel sauce.

Next up: Chinatown

and its gardens



A seal in the harbor.

From the west bank, we're treated to a view of the skiyline.

Inexplicable totem pole.