June 14, 2009 - Towards Vancouver (At Sea)

We play cards, drink wine, eat chocolate, play Scrabble, drink wine, eat more chocolate, and watch scenery like this float by all day.

Light stations on British Columbia's mainland...


This guy was a bit further away.

Light stations everywhere!

The infamous
Alert Bay Trumpeter.
He was terrible. Imagine if the trumpet player from the band 'Cake' (who has little talent) has his lips stapled to his armpit.
He'd sound better than this guy.

This is what we've been waiting for... Dinner!

More specifically... crab legs!!

That's a good looking group (even if Paul wore various permutations of the same clothes, not unlike Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense).

This is how Uncle Wayne likes to end a meal - with a Thai massage (from Ratcha).