June 12, 2009 - Kayaking in Juneau

In Juneau, Paul, Jill, and I went kayaking.
Jill and I were particularly bad at steering, so we got lots of view of the other three boats together like this.

The first stop was a channel marker that a bald eagle was using as a perch for a good vantage point for fishing.



(and this isn't my good camera)


Paul was much, much closer than this.
He got within 50 feet of it!

This was a typical sight for me/Jill... the other kayaks way ahead of us.

Bald eagles were everywhere!

There's one in the tree.

Blurry - but a parting shot of the whale as it left the inlet.

Another eagle.

Celebrating our great day, we went to the Red Dog Saloon

(just for the halibut).


What bi-zarro decor.

Now this... I love.